Debra Van Tuinen

van tuinen.jpg

Consistently influenced by landscapes, ledges appear stacked among images of water and clouds, while sumi-style strokes create stability in a moving palette of luminous colors.

My commitment to the practice of encaustic painting on wood panels created a series of unfolding stories of translucent wax-layered pigments, emanating light to the surfaces—they glow.

On canvas, bright, pigmented acrylics of pearlescent color shift illuminating light, enhanced with metallics. Larger canvases bring open space and freedom to my current body of work. In the underpainting foundation of each canvas, I strive for meditative carelessness in brush strokes, akin to the Japanese sembyo style, painting without fear and hesitation. This dialogue between myself and canvas defines the new reality in my landscape.

My paintings capture the thoughts and emotions that landscapes evoke. My intention through my work is to create a reverence for landscapes, the earth, and consciousness that feeds me physically, emotionally, and spiritually.