Mark Kellett

Born in Fort Erie, Ontario, Mark Kellett has propelled his art career from a strong background in civil engineering andarchitectural drafting. By 1985, he completed his studies at the Ontario College of Art, Graduate General Studies, AO.CA Major areas of study included various printmaking techniques, sculpture, working with paper, photography techniques and art theory and history. Earlier, Kellett attended Banff School ofFine Art and Photography. 

In 1986, he joined Open Studio, a cooperative printmaking studio in Toronto, where his main focus has been on abstract original serigraphy. With each monoprint or varied edition, Kellett explores the process of merging the physical laws of color theory with the mathematics of design to create a strong visual impact. According to Kellett: "My art has always been about the poetry of color and the expression of design. This new and unique method of producing direct from the screen 1/1 serigraphs has been especially intriguing. The layering of these fluid moments has added a new painterly quality to my work and opened the doors to endless possibilities." 

Through his dynamic color abstract monoprints, Kellett creates a strong viewer response: " I feel these pieces are like windows and you see something different every time." Like many artists, Kellett admires the work of famous artists that challenged art conventions and created new ways of thinking about art. These include Motherwell, Kandinsky, Miro, Bush, Riopelle, Pollock and Richter to name a few. Today, Mark Kell et and his wife reside in Toronto and his creations can be found in various corporate and private art collections.