Norm Stelfox


The challenge of a photographer is to present images in a fresh new perspective. Documentary shots may show incredible detail, or provide context to the subject, but Norm Stelfox is looking to inspire imagination by showing less detail. 

Stelfox has been behind the lens for many years. He has also had a career as a science teacher where he encouraged his students to explore their world in a open creative manner. He applies this same sense of intrigue and wonder to his images. "My images must fill the gap between reality and fantasy." 

Be it motion blurs or digital compositing, the image in his minds eye is always the goal. This can be applied to everything from ferns and fungi on the forest floor to how nature consumes man-made materials in a rusting process. His images can also show the fluidity of the human form as it expresses itself through dance or the dance of petals in a gentle breeze. 

Stelfox was one of the first digital photographers at the Stock Agency (Image Finders) in Vancouver. In 1981 he joined Image Finders and stayed with the Agency for 15 years as it evolved to become Tony Stone Images and eventually amalgamated with Getty Images. He was also represented by Fotopic and supplied the agencies with many stock photos which were sold worldwide. 

The highlight of his time as a Vancouver Stock Photographer was working at Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC, Canada being a regular contributor to the Celebration book. He also worked on the "Share the Flame" book for the Calgary Olympics in 1988. More recently, he finished in the top 3 of the Projections category in the Concord Pacific Photographic and Imaging Contest 2008. One of the judges was world renown architect Arthur Erickson. 

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