Viatcheslav Tchistilline

Studied Fine Art at Kharkov State University.  As well, he studied Painting, Decorative Art and Interior Design at Kharkov Artistic-Industrial Institute, Ukraine.  Slava painted with oil on canvas in realistic manner.  He was also engaged in monumental murals and teaching.  Slava went to Europe, France, Germany and Holland, to study Holland painting.  He had a lot of exhibitions in Europe.  His realistic paintings are in many collections in Germany and France.  With his arrival to Canada, he studied encaustic media, which is very old, traditionally taking its roots in Egypt and Byzantine.  Slava's paintings in this media proved to be of great interest to collectors, art dealers and public on international market.    

Juried Exhibitions:

1980  All Soviet Union Exhibition "Interior and Equipment" at the Central House of Artists on Krimsky Val, Moscow, Russia
1980  International PosterCompetition for Olympic Games at CHA on Krimsky Val.
1981  All Soviet Union Exhibition, museum panoramic display at CHA on Krimsky Val.
1992  Gallery Korovin House, Gyrzuf, Ukraine
1993  Gallery of Art, Brest, France
1994  Osterman Center, Witten, Germany
1994  Gallery "Arbat", Moscow, Russia
1995  VIII All Russian Exhibition of paintings, Belgorod, Russia
1995  Aeroflot, Russian airline, Montreal, Canada
1995  Artisan's Alley, London, Canada