Born in Telkwa, British Columbia Canada began paintng after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor. Inspired by abstract expressionists, Thibeault refers to objects and surroundings for lines and shapes to start a piece. Compositions may come together quickly but are often painted over in favour of a composition that will insist it is complete and better than it was. Whether the composition finds itself early or after multiple edits, each has great depth and space and is rich with varied marks, layers of collage, acrylic and oil paint. The mood of each piece is governed by the previous line’s influence and affect.

Artist Statement

“Improvisation in music and abstractions in painting are surreal narratives where, in an instant, stories are pieced together. Distant yet familiar melodies and visions are tempered bya passing intuition. Seemingly disparate ideas are collected to find new meaning.”