Pietro Adamo


The paintings of Pietro Adamo are abstract celebrations of the artist's admiration for the "unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life". Adamo abandons the monotony of conventional rendering of geometric forms through his textured surfaces and rough contours. In his passion to convey emotion, Adamo intimately works his canvases both applying and removing pigment to create a tactile quality. Layers upon layer of vibrant colours dynamically emerge and recede within the canvas. This juxtaposition of presence is what gives Adamo's work its mood and sensational quality. 

Adamo clearly delights in the unbridled, intuitive nature of his forms that enable him to evoke sensations and emotions. Adamo emphasizes his art's liberating quality: "I have to paint ... to speak without words, to express myself without restrictions ... never relenting." 

One can find optimism and strength in his work as he combines sophisticated geometric spatial relationships with raw, emotional use of colour. 
Adamo uses modeling pastes and/ or various gel mediums combined with silica sand to create the unique textured qualities with his pieces. He has at time even incorporated a stucco plaster. He begins by creating the texture of the work, then sand the works, paints an additional color layer ( usually using water based oil stains) then sand again. Close to completion, Adamo may or may not add a metallic paint to the work, to highlight particular areas of interest. His work is deliberate and tedious at times, the color is sophisticated and yet at times, passionate. 


2008: Art Gallery of Hamilton: Hamilton, Ontario
2008: Rogue Gallery: Saskatoon: Saskatchewan
2008: Mercedes Benz of Canada: Maple, Ontario
2007: Art Works Gallery: Vancouver,BC
2004: Lennox Gallery: Toronto, Ontario
2003: Demontfort Fine Art: Birmingham, England
2002: Envers Chaplin Gallery: Toronto, Ontario
2000-2007: Art Expo: Las Vegas, Nevada
998-2008: Art Expo: Atlanta, Georgia
1998-2007: Idex: Toronto, Ontario
1998: Art Miami: Miami, Florida
1998: Art Frankfurt: Frankfurt, Germany
1997: Carrier Gallery: Toronto, Ontario