Craig Alan


Craig Alan was born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California. Though he was always drawn to the artistic side of life, Craig’s creative luminance did not wholly shine until his family transferred to New Orleans in his youth. Alan took his first formal art class in his sophomore year of college. He gained early recognition for his work and was chosen, as one of 42 finalists out of 1600 submissions, for Mobile University’s most prestigious exhibition. On graduation he traveled widely and intends to continue,enlarging his personal experience of both the unpopulated wilderness and the canyons of society.

Craig’s collections run the gamut from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, each one a reflection of its creator’s unique vision. Craig’s prolific career is a culmination of textbook artistic knowledge and keen aesthetic sense, one developed not through intensive schooling but deep within recesses of this artist’s brilliant mind.



“The ultimate goal of my journey is to reach back to my ancestral roots by returning to England and Scotland, to gain an understanding, at the deepest level of the art that reflects my Anglo heritage. My journey has a focus beyond mere experience, my intentions is to obtain an MA in studio studies, help others achieve the experience of creating, and have my own studio where my energy can be free to surge across the mediums of expression”