Wayne Leidenfrost


Creating canvases that appear alive, tied to an innate sense of color and movement, Wayne Leidenfrost works within the modern day style of the impressionist landscape. A life long painter, his works echo the early modern masters of color – Monet, Cezanne, Matisse, who each made use of color, texture and the physicality of paint to convey meaning beyond mere representation. Leidenfrost notes observes that in his own process, he is so focused that at times he will paint with such intensity that the brush will be knocked from his hand. Admiring the physicality and presence of each stroke, one begins to understand that underlying this strange beauty is the method of an artist possessed to master his craft -- so as to do justice to the great movements of the past and the beauty of the natural moment.


Todd Clark


Todd Clark is an abstract artist who works in dialogue with his paintings. His work reveals this relationship and his inspirations, the knowledge of a greater purpose and the spiritual connection one feels when deeply committed to a task. Drawing from nature without using it as a model, his works are built-up from memory and imagination, exploring light, colour and mark making in an intimate balance. To look upon a work of Clark is to see evidence of years of controlled spontaneity, of an expectation for the unexpected and the confidence to never fear what might come as a result.


Douglas Hood


Rushing through the ebbs and flows of woodworking, stained glass, pottery and even Jazz, Douglas Hood takes from each of his creative interests and gives them novel interpretations through the medium of photography. With an interest in the play of light and movement, many of his works expose the illuminated pathways of the urban dream. Reflections, patterns, the mundane of the cityscape are given first billing, revealing subtle nuances and shadow plays. What one finds in a Hood work is an interest in fine detail, where it may be sometimes difficult at first to understand what is represented. His rich, abstracted colour fields are a joy to behold.

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Marie-Danielle Leblanc


Recalling such early modern masters as Gustav Klimnt and Seurat, the work of Marie-Danielle Leblanc communicates a taste for the outdoors, open air, and a controlled spontaneity not limited by the well worn path. Her work is characterized by layering, textural colours that operate across the tonal spectrum and juxtapositions that seem to defy rational space. With a distorted or skewed view, fragmentation and divisional matter appears to recess and retract, yet move toward the viewer in a friendly confrontation, daring us to speak out and act. In the painted world of Leblanc bare space inspires contemplation and discovery, an assembled space of meditation and process that becomes a shared moment between subject and object, viewer and viewed.


Kimberly Blackstock


By consistently experimenting with medium and subject, the work of Kimberly Blackstock teases out and visualizes energetic drives, building and growing within these avenues of matter. Her work takes up both representational painting and abstraction, picturing the value of continual growth, knowledge and the expression of creativity. Through painting, Blackstock symbolizes change and the value it brings to one’s existence. By experimenting with techniques and the theory of colour, her work seeks to liberate and abandon fear, acting as an allegory of the lived life. In the unpredictability and randomness of the creative act a story or lesson unfolds, Blackstock captures thisencounter in unique and sometimes unsettling ways.


Robert Florian


Robert Florian falls within a long line of painters who set the field and continue along the pathways first set in motion by the revolutionary impressionist and post-impressionist painting of the 19th century. A modern day flaneur of the wild, Florian works the backcountry of Western Canada’s untamed and rustic forests, in search of new meaning and new ways to impress upon the viewer the untamed natural beauty of the landscape. Florian documents through process, which he finds is revealed through closely examining ones surroundings and absorbing each thing life has to offer. His bold interpretations of Western Canada’s picturesque landscapes are expressive and visually sublime.