Steven Fraser Jones grew up in Vancouver in a family of flourishing artists.  His mother taught painting classes in her studio.  Mr. Jones studied piano in the Toronto Conservatory Program, arranging for his lessons on his own accord.  As a teenager he immersed himself in the fine arts with a great deal of accomplishment.  He also performed Light Shows throughout the community; designed and built sets for plays; and was continually challenged to produce large-scale events such as a cavernous nightclub made of tarpaper stalactites, fluorescent paint and black lights.

Mr. Jones acknowledges certain early influences such as the Mannerists with their use of vibrant colors, complex composition and exaggerated movement.  But the works of the New York Abstract Expressionists, viewed for nearly three decades, resonate most strongly in his work.  His painting recognizes the achievements of Clyfford Still, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Louise Bourgeois, Frank Stella, Howard Hodgkins and Henri Matisse.