Steve Fortier


Steve Fortier grew up in Ottawa, always interested in art and design. After attending the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, he had a career in graphic design for 35 years but always painting when time permitted. Now living in Vancouver and painting full time.

His early works were landscape watercolours, usually painted plein air. Over the years, he has worked in all kinds of mediums but recently has been working in acrylics. He tended to high realism works but his new series of abstract paintings has him interested in pixilation patterns and how the viewer sees the pixel interpolation that blends the colour of one pixel into the colour of the next forming the painting’s composition. The dual effects of the painting’s abstract appearance, when viewed up close and the changes to the subject when viewed from afar. He introduces additional pixels or distorts them to cause complex pattern changes that adds another dimension to the paintings.

“I’m drawn to the pixilation patterns, stripping away all the details and reconstructing the subject in the painting process.”