Sarah Van Beckum


Nature’s forms are a major source of inspiration in Sarah’s art. Images imprint themselves on our consciousness as we see them. But time fades explicit memory. What remains is buried deep within, and evokes emotion upon recall. Sarah strives to reflect that emotional memory in her art. Her art is full of abstractions but also reveals imagery suggestive of something more established and concrete.

Sarah’s medium is acrylic paint on canvas.  Sometimes textiles and hand screened paper are integrated as well. Preferring big bold primitive shapes, Sarah also indulges her taste for fussy pattern and fine line detail.

Color speaks to Sarah in unexpected ways. She prefers to intuit rather than think about color choices.  “There needs to be a good balance between neutrals and more dynamic colors in a painting, and the colors must create tension while still harmonizing with one another." Sarah’s approach to color is eclectic. She says, “I don’t really ‘select’ the colors, I try to ‘feel’ the relationship between them.

  "I don't really 'select' the colors, I try to 'feel' the relationship between them."