"In 1993, along with my first year of teaching, I launched a handmade greeting card business and was soon picked up by Constance Kay, a New York based rep. I continue to show my work through her line, but more importantly this relationship acted as a springboard for my mixed media collage paintings. I began creating a series titled "Portraits of an Interior" wherein I explored abstract rooms using design and compositional elements as the focal point. The human presence that shaped these rooms is seen throughout the collage painting, from line and shape to texture and color, each composition possesses characteristics defining its personality. Within the last year landscapes have become a focal point in my work, putting my own personal interpretation on them. Many of the landscapes reflect images of the Northwest, and my hope is that each piece evokes a sense of peaceful and relaxing imagery. I am continuing to incorporate punches of color, a sense of contrast between darks and lights and great interest in each collage painting to wholly reflect my passion for my work"