Girard Drouillard

I am an american born artist both published and represented internationally. ....... i was and continue to be influenced by artists such as: american painter/hans hoffman, italian installationist/vito acconci, american painter-sculptor/frank stella, german painter/gerhard richter, germans-ansel kiefer/joseph boeys, american painter-printmaker/robert rauchenberg, spanish painter/antonio tapies, franze kline, paul jenkins, alan sonfist, dennis oppenheim, aaron siskin, joel peter witkin, james turrel, diego rivera, chuck close, david hockney, susan sonfist, cindy sherman...... to name just a few of so many other creative souls involved in the arts whether it be dance, film, music, theatre, writing etc....

I was conceptually schooled in both the uk and the usa ..... BA/BFA/MFA ..... under the tutelage of several gifted mentors.......i have been producing and exhibiting contemporary art since 1983, working with virtually all media, specifically: conceptual installation, film, painting, performance-art, photography, printmaking, sculpture, theatre and video. my art has evolved over the years beginning with raw and rather ambiguous compositions and then on to 'slick' mainstream pieces, both two and three dimensional. though i enjoyed a high degree of commercial success with this work, i felt compelled to 'reinvent' and venture down another road and thus began to experiment with a more articulative and explorative mixed-media aesthetic. ....... hmmmmmm, so here i am.

My current work embodies both a conceptual and visually abstract narrative. ___ without sounding too anecdotal, my intent is to insert both a metaphorical and philosophical subtext within my art. .... color, marks, objects and texture are my protagonists... the 'canvas' is my stage .... space, form, logic and a meditative sensibility are my common thread. ___ PASSION IS THIS ARTIST'S NEEDLE!!! ___ i work from 'within'.
for me, abstraction is radical, circumvents language, and sidesteps naming or mere description. It disenchants, re-enchants, detoxifies, destabilizes, resists closure and slows perception.

My mixed-media work is a potpourri of inner-soul scavenging and virtually anything and everything. light, texture and the pretense of a 'fifth-dimension' are pertinent considerations within each and every piece. ideally and subsequently, i wish the juxtaposition, re-appropriation of various elements, and ideology within my art will be interpreted as both aesthetically pleasing, mentally provocative, and spiritually challenging.