Babak Emanuel

I have always believed that art moves beyond the narrow confines of language and explores indescribable dimensions that are visually immediate and rationally inexplicable.

In response to the conceptual demands of today’s art I have, while cognizant of art history, remained faithful to those visions and morphologies that emotionally have defined the purpose and limitations of Being for me. I am also aware of the fact that the viewer may construct his or her own interpretations.

I start my work with “concrete visions” and yet I do not work with an end in sight. The emotional language of my vision guides me through recondite and mysterious pathways. I work at several paintings at once and allow for multiple impulses to synchronize in a cohesive expression. I make forms for form’s sake and I choose not to have my works understood or to be scrutinized by adherence to a standard. I want them to be seen for their power to awaken senses and envision new vistas.

I also want the viewer to take these strands and create their own personal narratives. I know that my art is interwoven with their desires and experiences. Just as I know that my own aesthetic preferences are determined by my feelings formed in the crucible of social, historical and cultural narratives. And yet knowing all this I am guided by the unconscious forces that lie beyond my reasoning.

I am fascinated by the interplay of accidents and reason. My art pits rules and order against chaos and the unexpected. Always, entropy stands face to face with coherent arrangements and their confrontations, though tragic, are meaningful.

I am deeply engaged with techniques and media. They are vehicles of my emotional yearnings and explorations. Photography, print-making, painting, sculpture and digital technology all facilitate my desires and my quest for meaning and the purpose of Being.