Ann Dergara

The enthusiasm with which Ann Dergara approach-es her art is a lifelong passion. Born to Norwegian-German parents who recognized and nurtured her creative abilities, the Greenville, South Carolina native sold her first painting five years prior to beginning her formal education at Georgia State University. In 1978, a printmaking course at Atlanta College of Art led her to Dick Williams and the innovative and contemporary Odyssey Studio. The artist pursued the etching and the collagraph, later the serigraph, and in 1990 began monoprinting. Her mastery of the art of print making is described as remarkable. Yet painting remains Dergara’s first love, and a vibrant testament to her profound talent. Santiago Leon of ARTEFINO speaks for many ad-mirers that Ann’s work is typical of an artist assured of her own talent; it is unconstrained, blending great skill and maturity with the free spirit of a child. 

Dergara is intent on achieving the original, the unique, the different - but only as it celebrates what is positive and beautiful. Her brilliant use of color expresses her passionate respect for the harmony of nature - a recurring theme in a body of work that brings her growing, international acclaim.


Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, GA
Southeastern Center for the Arts

Professional Activities

1964  New York - Engraving Curator
1967-69  Lompoc, CA - Painting Instructor
1969  California - Designed and executed 10 murals at the Vanderberg AFB Hospital
1970  Began the Fine Art Program for Cobb County Board of Education
1972-73  Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Clearwater, FL - Painting instructor
1974-77  Cobb County Adult Education Program - Painting instructor
1978  Full time painter, printer and publisher
1982  Created L’arc En Ciel Editions
Exhibitions (partial listing)
1979  The Gallerie Kloster Muchle, Oldenberg, West Germany

Exhibitions (Partial Listing)

1972  Florida Gulf Coast Art Center, Clearwater, FL 1980  Krakins Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1979  The Gallerie Kloster Muchle, Oldenberg, West Germany, 
Kinsrhalle-Bremehaven, West Germany         
German Senate Hall, Bonn West Germany
Marietta Fine Art Center, Marietta, GA

1981  R.J.K. Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1982  Gallery Sanguine, LaRochelle, France
Georgia Artists Show, Callanwolde, Atlanta, GA        
 “Salute to Women in the Arts” Atlanta, GA
Ruzzoli’s- Omni International, Atlanta, GA

1983  Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA. Laguana Gloria, Austin, Texas
1983-1990  New York International Exposition 1979-1983  Atlanta’s Arts Festival
1984  20th Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA 1985  FICA, Paris, France
1986-87  Reiss Gallery, Denver, CO
1988  Yosumi, Tokyo, Japan
1990  Art Expo, Los Angelas, CA
1990-2003  Abstein Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1991  Artefino Gallery, Charlotte, NC
1993  Musse de Montaut, Chalosse, France
1983-2003  Art Expo, New York, NY
1997  Monothon at College of Sante Fe, NM
 High Museum of Art, Studio Tour, Atlanta, GA 2001-2003  Mixed Emotions, Houston, Texas 2004  Otpecharki/Prints, Russia
2005- Watson Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Collections (Partial Listing)

Lucine Amara, New York, NY
Ms. Inge’ Wollenstak, Fruedenstadt, Germany American Embassy, Pretoria’, South Africa Coronet Carpet Corp., Dalton, GA
Hertz Corp., New York, NY
Mattel Electronics, New York, NY
Phillip Morris Collection
Gulf Oil Corp., Houston, Texas
U.S. Embassy, Lome, Togo, Africa NationsBank, NC, GA, & FL
Cox Communications, Atlanta, GA Diamond International Corp., Cincinnati, OH United Airlines, Chicago, IL
IBM Corp., New York, NY
American Airlines, Dallas, TX
Delta Airlines, Atlanta, GA
Published BY
Fidelity, Los Angelas, CA
Bruce McGaw Graphics, New York, NY RosenBaum Fine Art, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Twin Willows Studio LLC, Brevard, NC Impress Graphics, Connecticut
Slamaker Fine Art, Chicago, IL: Editions Limited, San Francisco, CA


Karelia Museum, Russia
Marietta-Cobb Museum, Marietta, GA Musee’de Montaut, Chalosse, France

Galleries (Partial Listing)

Galleria 55, Mexico City, Mexico
Gallery Sanguine, LaRochelle, France Liberty Art, Stockholm, Swedan Shorewood, Tokyo, Japan
Nan Miller, Rochester, NY
Watson Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Mixed Emotions Houston, TX
Soho-Myriad, Atlanta, GA
Wyndey Moorehead, New Orleans, LA Billy Horke, Chicago, IL
Indigo Gallery, Ft. Collins, CO
Red Wolf Gallery, Brevard, NC