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Weekly Feature: Linzy Arnott


"Sea Foam"

18 x 36 inches

About Linzy

Linzy Arnott's work is deeply influenced by her life experiences and the details found in her surroundings. Her vast pallet of inspiration comes from the places she explores, from rainy seascapes to the texture of rust infected architecture, places where Linzy finds unspeakable beauty. She creates with emotion, drawing on memories and experiences to convey mood and feeling into her pieces. With acrylic as her base, Linzy creates with mediums including liquid leaf, metallics, gold leaf and varnishes. She has created techniques to achieve her texture and color, at times totaling 40+ layers on one painting.

Linzy Arnott was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia where she started drawing as a child and quickly discovered creating art was her greatest passion in life. At the age of 15 Linzy entered her first art competition and was flown to Ottawa to receive first place and represent British Columbia in the Canada Day Poster Contest. Her painting was hung in the Canadian Children’s Museum. At 17 Linzy was awarded a full scholarship to The Art Institute of Vancouver and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design. Afterward, Linzy studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design for painting. After experimenting in many different art forms Linzy found her true love in acrylics and textural mediums. Linzy is now living her childhood dream with her artwork represented in galleries in Vancouver, Alberta and New York City.