T. L. Lange

T. L. Lange first began drawing and painting in earnest while studying at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. After a brief stint in Atlanta, he moved to North Carolina where he maintains his home and atelier and pursues his love of painting, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of his new home. 

Mr. Lange, already a recognized name in the art community, has come to be known for his startling, yet seductive, figurative and abstract paintings. The artist's compelling technique of mixing medium and color enhances his brilliant and diverse concepts. His paintings on canvas and paper frequently incorporate an additional element of texture and embellishment that lend further drama to the work and engage the viewer in the composition. 

According to Mr. Lange, he starts his work with "concrete visions", and actually begins several paintings at one time. He tries to allow a form of synchronicity, a rhythm, to determine each decision as he renders his work The artist comments: "I make marks for the sake of themselves. I "create error'' that I find attractive in all of our everyday lives. However, I leave it hanging three marks shy of discernment ... That is, I would rather these marks not be "understood" or be scrutinized for their detail or their adherence to reality-only to be seen for their essence and the nostalgic response they may evoke, without my personal sentiment." 

The artist ultimately hopes that viewers will involve themselves in the stories he has set the stage for. He suggests that viewers take the images he has presented to them and create their own narrative in their own time and space. In so doing, each viewer will see what they wish to see, based on their own experience.