Nansi Kivisto

Nansi Lynn Kivistos' creativity began to emerge at an early age. She received a distinction in art and was presented the nRoll of Honour" during her elementary years. Nansi's wealth of experience and artistic vision continued to expand as she pursued her love of art at one of BC's most respected schools. 

In 2001, Nansi received a Bachelor of Arts from the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (ECIADJ. During her four-year tenure, she developed a stronger passion for photography. Wlthtn her third year of studies, she was accepted into an exchange program and spent four months studying in England. She eventually traveled onto France, Denmark and finally Finland, her ancestral home. The ancient European architecture made a deep and lasting impression that Nansi strove to capture on film. These included an image of English ruins overlapping an image of the streets of Paris and a close-up study of roots in Finland intertwined with French architecture. Now she pursues the architecture of Vancouver. 

She has combined her love of nature with her love of architecture. Passages, doorways and paths are an evident theme threading through many of the photographs. Nansi's combination of ordinary objects in extraordinary ways creates a sense of "magical realism" in a body of work that is ethereal and mysterious. 

Nansi currently works as an art consultant at Art Works Gallery and has also been included as one of the gallery's artists since 2004. Her photographs have been collected by the Hyatt Vancouver,  225 Smithe S1J8at several prominent Law offices, all the suites in the L'Hermitage Luxury hotel in Vancouver, and many other corporate and residential interiors. She is an award-winning photographer whose career and artistic vision is continually evolving. She was born in Ontario and raised in Burnaby, BC and now resides in downtown Vancouver. 

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