30th Anniversary Exhibition

Art Works Gallery cordially invites you to its 30th anniversary exhibition, celebrating thirty years of art in Vancouver. Situated at Cambie & Smithe. Art Works has seen many changes among the urban fabric, from the tech boom of Yale Town to the recent stratospheric rise of property value. Throughout these changes the gallery has been in the thick of it, consistently providing a venue for interested buyers and a place for artists to exhibit their unique and one of a kind creations. Come celebrate our changing city and the role the gallery has played within that change, enjoy the gift of art and celebrate local art works you'll not find anywhere else.

Included in this exhibition are artists drawn from Art Works stable, including the methodical abstraction of James Leonard, David Graff’s unique take on gilding and the landscape, Sacha Ruelle’s urban abstractions documenting the dense and non-site spaces of Montreal, Markian Olynyk’s kinetic glass works, photographic work by the late-Barbara Andrews, in addition to myriad works by the artists who have contributed to the rich exhibition history of Art Works Gallery.  

Here were a few unforgettable memories of our outstanding moments throughout these 30 years:


Sharon Quirke



* I was nervous and excited as I heard the turn of the century freight elevator grind its way up to the studios @ 36 Powell. Out stepped Deanna and her business partner - in black fedoras and collared overcoats. They were cool, but decisive. They informed me they'd pick up all my large canvases the next day. I was thrilled, and so began our 30 year partnership.



*100 Smithe Street was buzzing! The gallery was jam-packed and credit cards were flashing. Deanna's Mom made the delicious spinach dip and my Mom honored me with the purchase of 3 of my paintings that adorned her Qualicum dream home for the rest of her life.


* The Yaletown Street Party was the best. I had constant interest and participation around a huge donated canvas that we patch-worked with images by the neighborhood people. When complete, this Kaleidoscope piece was donated to the Food Bank. Count me in another time!


Art Works went all out with a spectacular solo show titled "Failte Abhaile" (Welcome Home in Gaelic) - complete with a keg of beer, an Irish band and green chocolate! I chronicled my favorite Vancouver haunts on 30 X 60 canvases - including Spanish Banks, Cypress Mountain and Robson Square. It was a night to remember. I left with a souvenir of the evening in my hand; Rodney passed me the door handle of my van as we packed up! Find me at the anniversary party and I'll tell you the story :)"


Deryk Houston

"I've been connected with Deanna for as far back as I can remember and I have the greatest respect for her. She always said that the artists should get paid first and that idea stuck with me for all these years because it says a lot about her.

So..... that's it....... Not much to say....but it's very important to me. Deanna is a very special person!

Charles Keillor

"Almost exactly 2 years ago a big corporation buys 3 of my drawings and advises "their framer Art Works" will be responsible for the new framing. “Art Works”?…. I’m intrigued. Within the week, 2 chaps from Art Works (Geoff and Locke?) drop by my place with a van for pick-up, and I say ooooohhhh, that Art Works; the cool gallery on Smithe Street! The amazing new framing follows, and Rodney tells me “we would like to represent you”. ‘Nuff said!"

Love Exhibition (2016)

Love, an exhibition of paintings inspired by the music and philosophy of the beatles is much, much more than a visual experience. With the help of Deanna Geisheimer, the owner of Art Works Gallery, they have turned this show of paintings into a complex fundraising effort, shaped around the energy of the 60s and the music of the Beatles, with many interactive surprises along the way.