Celeste Peters

Celeste Peters was born in February 1970 in Conyers, Georgia, and was raised in the South where she began painting at a very early age. After earning her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art, Photography and Art History from the University of Georgia, her lifelong dream of travel throughout Europe was realized. Two years after her departure for Europe, Celeste returned to Atlanta to begin her painting career.

Artistically, I was greatly influenced by my post college travels, which required a great deal of hard work, planning and saving. As much as I enjoyed this 'hiatus' from the responsibilities awaiting me at home, I was excited about returning to the States to begin a career that I knew would be soulfully rewarding.

The artist's work evokes decorative elegance and style. The resulting image is a stunning fusion of texture or color. Peters' unique blending techniques result in a soft image that carries the viewer's eye along colorful fruits, and simple but elegant floral arrangements.