Rez Raven

“My work is a world of experimentation and discovery.”

 Rez Raven was born in Persia in 1962. It was there that he began his studies in art. Rez furthered his education at the University of Toronto, where he studied graphic design. His early work incorporates collage and oil on canvas. He has extensive knowledge and experience in printmaking, all of these influences can be seen in his current work.

 Raven believes that each work opens up a multidimensional interpretation and flow, eliminating the need for language. “Sometimes a window appears carrying the message even further. The tactile quality of the work makes one feel to touch. There are intentional coincidences and possibilities, a definite balance and harmony. My hope is that the onlooker will use the work to help in enriching self awareness and discovery.”


Selected Recent Exhibitions:

2002 Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaArtExpo, New York, USA
2001 ArtExpo, New York, USA
2000 Atlanta Art Buyers Caravan: Envers Chapin Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: ArtExpo New York
1997 Del Bello Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1992 Great Wall Gallery, Toronto Ontario, Canada
International Pow-Wow Show, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
80 Spadina, Toronto Ontario, Canada
1991 St. Urbia Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
New Direction Gallery, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada