Gholam Yunessi

Master of poetic juxtaposition of classic and contemporary styles,

Gholam unessi powerfully blends sensitive tonality with vibrant color to create art that Iran scend s visual aesthetics. His creations stir subtle emotions that take residence in our unconscious.This talent has been molded through years of dedication to the master of his native Tehran - starting with one of Persia's most famous sculptors, his uncle. At the age of five, this uncle nurtured, shaped, and chiseled the foundation of Gholam's creativity.The development continued through high school, under the guidance of the renowned Persian artist, Sha ness - Yunessi's teacher of drawing and charcoal rendering. Next he studied the history and the techniques of the fine art of painting at the Tehran College of Fine Art.

Yunessi also frequently traveled to Europe to gain a personal understanding for the masters and the styles that characterized European art. As a result of this exposure he was able to move beyond the familiar and create a truly personal style that is born of passion not custom. Finally, with th is rich balance of the near-eastern and European influences, he moved to America, where he now lives and where he continues to create and produce work that is recognized and exhibited around the world.

Since 1972, Gholam Yunessi has been exhibiting his art in galleries around the world. The wide variety of cultures that have played backdrop to his development is clearly evident in the stylistic and expressive weave of his unique work.