Welcome to Art Works Gallery

The Largest Collection of Contemporary Artwork in Western Canada


Situated at Smithe and Cambie, bordering Yaletown & Downtown Vancouver, Art Works has seen many changes over the years.  As the city has evolved, the gallery has consistently provided a venue for interested buyers and a place for artists to exhibit their one of a kind creations. Help us celebrate our changing city and the major role the gallery has played. Come & enjoy our extensive collection of unique works of art. 

Weekly Featured Artist: James Leonard


James Leonard is an artist interested in abstraction and how contemplation helps us further understand our place in the world. His work explores the processes of painting and exudes his passion for visual communication. These are gestural paintings that invoke emotion, speaking to the artist’s quest to picture meaning. After serving in the Vietnam War, Leonard found painting and since that time has devoted himself to investigating the formal and emotional characteristics of abstraction. Looking into a work by Leonard is like stepping into an unknown world – one encounters a sense of wonder and a viewing experience that travels within layers upon layers of meaning.


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