Beyond the Canvas with Art Works Gallery

Beyond the Canvas with Art Works Gallery

Not every project fits on a canvas or can be found inside our gallery walls. Art Works Gallery is proud to go beyond the canvas for this project collaborating with artist Kari Kristensen and MCM Architects. Using the reach we have developed in Vancouver's art community for the last 40 years, we were able to find the art, artist, and client that all work together.

Located at MCM Architects Vancouver Offices 1066 West Hastings

11 feet tall x 40 feet wide

Materials: Latex, Fluid Acrylic, Graffiti Markers, Flashe and Spray paint.

Kari Kristensen

I am a printmaker, primarily, but I also do murals and sculpture which mirror my print work. I’ve painted over 30 murals for clients including Microsoft, Jaguar and Vancouver Mural Festival. My work is a contemporary reinterpretation of landscape, a re-arrangement of sorts. I take sometimes familiar scenes or sometimes imaginary geography, and render it playful and emphasize the drama. Some works blur lines between landscape and architecture and some are just capturing a sublime moment, and I do this to celebrate landscape and acknowledgment of its inherent perfection.

I’m first and foremost a printmaker, in the last few years I’ve focused on linoleum reliefs, which are entirely monochromatic. There’s a simplicity… a visual cleanliness… to a single colour. Removing extraneous colour forces more of a dialogue with design. It’s an illusion of simplicity, however, as the work is full of light and tone and shadow which are created by utilizing varying widths of gouges to carve the linoleum. A wide line that tapers to a narrow one, in a row with others, for example, imparts the illusion of a shadow falling. It’s this exploration of light and shadow that excites me.


MCM Architects

Today MCM operates a full service architectural and interior design practice from downtown Vancouver employing a complement of some 100+ architects, technicians, and designers. We are primarily engaged in commercial, residential, and master planning projects. Our strength is an experience. Our promise is reliability.

50+ years of continuous practice have taught us to stay focused on what matters: delivering value, consistently. Our city has changed of course, and so has much else about daily life. Our office has more people and more space than ever before and new tools to help us serve our clients more effectively. Yet when we think about our work, our clients, our responsibilities, there is a genuine sense of durability.

Tomorrow offers our practice new opportunities. Our approach continues to be refined, nourished by our people. The fundamental principles seem as relevant as ever. When the wind changes, we know how to adjust the sails. We don’t throw our charts away, and we don’t abandon our destination.

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