About Us

Art Works is a multi-faceted art gallery based in Vancouver, Canada, servicing the corporate, interior design, architecture, and film industries as well as individuals with a love of art. Founded in 1986 under the directorship of Deanna Geisheimer, Art Works specializes in Canadian Art and represents some of British Columbia’s most dynamic artists, in addition to artists from across North America. With modern and contemporary art in a variety of mediums and styles, Art Works has developed a distinct and unique aesthetic vision, complementing and adding beauty to homes and commercial spaces.

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M STUDIO Design Consultants Inc.

“Deanna and her team at Artworks are exceptional. They care about the details and the quality of their work. That care makes our projects successful.”

- Marilou Rudakewich BID RID @ M STUDIO Design Consultants Inc. /2021

Tanya Schoenroth

“As an Interior Designer, I have worked with Art Works for several years. This company is a valuable resource due to their wide variety of products and their consistently top-notch service.The staff are knowledgeable and provide thorough information for installation requirements as well as timely quotes and follow-up on all projects. In addition to being professional and personable, there is a clear passion and caring for art and the related services provided. I highly recommend Art Works!”

- Tanya Schoenroth BA, BADID, Interior Designer /2020

Beth Barker

“Upon recommendation from our interior designer, we finally visited Art Works Gallery in spring 2016. Rodney was quick to welcome us and he gently honed-in on our ‘tastes’. And that doesn’t at all describe the fun we had. He looked after everything. He went above and beyond our expectations. As an example he arranged for us to “try” a piece in our home which he somehow convinced the owner to lend back to him for the purpose.Rodney arranged for us to meet the artist. He helped us to communicate and negotiate our custom and extremely beautiful piece. Rodney even came to our house and installed the piece! I really can’t say enough good things about our experience with Art Works and specifically with Rodney. I would also like to give thanks to the artist, Robert Florian; an artist and a gentleman.”

- Beth Barker/2016

Lindy McKelvie

“Art Works is a fabulous gallery! Very convenient to get to. Free Parking. Close to Commercial Drive for bite to eat because you are going to want to sit in a cafe and savour your experience at Art Works. You will immediately be greeted with a smile. The atmosphere is relaxed. The space is wonderful to walk about and take pleasure in the pieces on display. The staff is more than helpful in assisting with the Art in the racks. Art Works also offers delivery, re-framing, professional hanging and if you can’t decide on the pieces ( I say piece(s) because you will probably want more than one!) Art Works will deliver your choices, hang them, and you can make your choice in the privacy of your home. My experience was so much fun! And I felt I had made a lasting connection as well as a friendship. I’d like to thank Marnee Ingalls of Marnee Designs for introducing me to Art Works. Marnee and Deanna the owner of Art Works have been business associates and friends for 35 years. Rodney and Geoff are specialists in their fields and very comfortable to work with. They are one big happy family and it shows. Love Art Works!!”

- Lindy McKelvie / 2018 via facebook

Deanna Geishiemer

Owner of Art Works Gallery

“Art, when selected well, can bring pleasure to the owner for years to come unlike other big ticket items that get replaced several times over. The right artwork can last a lifetime.”


Rodney Cirrol Clark


"Art gets stuck in your head and heart quite unlike anything else I can think of. It is a powerful, enduring and personal relationship between the purchaser and the art. My task is to inspire and gently guide the way to finding the perfect match between the two."


The Art Works Story

Even before Art Works' inception, Deanna Geisheimer was an independent art consultant working out of her 1-bedroom apartment in Kitsilano. During this period, Deanna was active in reaching out to artists to represent them, as well as personally knocking on doors in the downtown offices to pitch her artists’ work. In her hands-on approach, Deanna would often personally pick out art straight from an artist’s studio and hang the work in the building herself. To this day, there are still artists that are represented by Art Works that have been with Deanna from the beginning.

Tired of carrying art up her three flights of stairs, Deanna decided to expand her practice and open Art Works gallery in 1986. By opening the gallery, Deanna increased the visibility and credibility of her artists to better find homes for the beautiful pieces they create. Throughout the years, Art Works has represented some of the most innovative local artists as well as acclaimed international artists.

Art Works is proud if its reputation as a pioneer in the business. In the beginning, Art Works was the first to begin taking art to the people rather than wait for the people to walk into the gallery. They continue to encourage their clients to try out art pieces in their homes and offices for a couple of days to ensure they are in love before committing to purchase.

With the 1987 stock market crash, Art Works saw it as an opportunity to expand their clientele and began selling and renting to Vancouver’s burgeoning film industry.

Today, Art Works still practices its hands-on and personal approach with each and every client. By working closely with individuals and with designers, the art consultants understand who the clients are and what they want to portray in order to complement their needs within their personal space. Thus, the consultants help guide people to see things that they fall in love with and with pieces they may not have even considered at first. The most rewarding part of the process, for those of us at Art Works, is seeing the impact that each piece has on each client and each artist. The pattern is cyclical: when people need art that connects with them, Art Works learns to understand them and match their tastes with the perfect piece, consequently uplifting artists to continue making art.