Adrian Zator

  • Adrian Zator

    I grew up on the banks of the Icelandic River of Arborg, a small community north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The river and its banks teemed with life, and I immersed myself into the experience.

    When I picked up my first camera, landscape photography was a given. This was my connection and continuing bond to the beauty of nature. Capturing light and shadow, colour and tonality in a constant flux of motion was my passion.

    Water was and continues to be a feature in many of my landscape images because I love its constant movement and interplay with light. I am mesmerized by the everchanging qualities of water, its power and its grace.

    In the 80’s, I shifted some of my focus into black & white street photography. I was working in the downtown east side of Vancouver, BC and I spent every lunch hour on the street with my camera. My focus was capturing everyday life and celebrating the strength, courage, and pride of the human spirit.

    Over the years, I have continued to move between landscapes and people, colour and black & white photography. In essence, I am drawn to capturing images where I see beauty and strength.