Ann Thinghuus

  • Ann Thinghuus

  • Ann Thinghuus is a multiracial visual artist, currently residing in Vancouver, BC. Born in Denmark to a Danish father and a Chinese mother, Ann’s diverse background saw her education develop in Europe and North America, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Education, and Master of Education degrees at UBC. As an artist, she is influenced by her cultural background and local surroundings, as well as her experiences travelling internationally to create a diverse visual dialogue within the canvas.

    Ann’s paintings are large scale compositions that are simultaneously harmonious yet filled with tension. Working in the American Abstract Expressionist tradition, she creates abstracted imagery that is representational within graphic techniques that highlight her personal gestures. Always touching on the themes of diversity, her choice in medium reflects her Chinese heritage and calligraphic influence, with the abstraction coming from her Danish side; as she has rooted herself in Canada, her colours reflect the influence of her national contemporaries. Through her work, she seeks to draw deep and often visceral reactions from within the viewer.

    She currently is a master of the art of balance, as she teaches high school art education and is maintaining her successful painting career as a single mother raising two children. As she is enriching the lives of her students in emphasizing the importance of the fine arts in their lives, so too does she gain in seeing their fresh ways of seeing the world influencing her art. Ann Thinghuus is represented nationally and internationally.