Brent Hannon

  • Brent Hannon

  • Brent Hannon was born in San Francisco, California. He first began making photograms at the age of eleven and then he began taking photographs. He spent some years in the US Air Force as an aerial photographer. This was an opportunity for travel and documentation through photography. Hannon also worked as a portrait, and freelance photographer in Europe. One of his assignments was working for Unesco, Connaissance du Monde & Overseas Weekly.

    For a short time Hannon studied cinematography in Paris. His black and white photographs have a filmic quality. Many of his striking pictures are taken in the 1950’s, yet the images transcend time. His photographs are snap shots, encompassing a good combination of mood creation and artistic pattern. His photos show the spontaneous and unpredictable.

    Hannon states: “I try to get on film what I observe, never posed objects. Although they might be aware of my camera.” Hannon prefers to use a 35mm camera with only one lens.

    Brent Hannon’s photographs are in the San Francisco Museum collection.