Carole Arnston

  • Carole Arnston

  • Carole Arnston is a west coast artist with a multi faceted background in art, architecture and design. From her early years in Toronto came a Bachelor of Arts at McMaster University and after a year of travel and then Art Education at the University of British Columbia she graduated from the University of British Columbia’s School of Architecture to pursue a career in architecture.

    Ten years of architectural design in Toronto and Vancouver included teaching and publishing works on architectural design to both children and other educators. From her career focus on urban design and movement through the environment grew a powerful empathy for the messages of the landscape which include the rhythms of ocean waves and the directional power of westerly winds and rain.

    Her bold gestural style has been inspired by earlier Abstract Expressionist artists such as Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler and the even earlier Impressionists Manet and Monet. Arnston achieves this lyrical style with a broad brush, subtle blending and a decisive palette knife.

    Hiking and kayaking experiences lend kinetic rhythms to her oil on canvases which are set down in her studio located amongst tall Douglas fir trees, and overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Victoria BC.

    The joy of exploring the natural world inspires all her work.

    Arnston has exhibited and is represented in galleries throughout North America and is held in both corporate and private collections.