Charles Britt

  • Charles Britt

  • "Photography as an art form has always inspired my work. Be the photograph of an event, an object or the more ephemeral shadows of “Object Obscure”, my intent is to inspire thought and imagination. Winning the Karsh Fellowship furthered my experience, by means of direct hands on studio work with the renowned black and white portrait photographer, Yousuf Karsh. From the beginning of my career with Yousuf Karsh in Ottawa, I have sought to express the emotions within, through the art of black and white imagery. Inspiration fueled by the knowledge of both greatness and humility born by actors, politicians and artists alike has brought a strength to the intended meaning of my photographs.

    Beyond the realm of portrait photography I have incorporated in my works a love of natural forms and an understanding of natural lighting and environmental effects that borrow from studio photography. My travels to areas throughout Canada as well as the United States have provided me with many black and white images both real and abstract.

    Since my arrival to Vancouver I have further expanded the black and white medium to incorporate digital, constructionist effects. This has led to my latest series, “Nature Expanded.” The use of digital composition is intended to build upon and add to my photographic expression and experience. The images in “Nature Expanded” have taken the form of flowers and sky, both intertwined elements - one representing life and one representing a “force of life”. This series is an abstraction of traditional elements, composited in a form of contemporary understanding."