Charles Keillor

  • Charles Keillor

  • Charles Keillor documents his surroundings with a meticulous accuracy, yet stylizes and enhances his subjects with a profoundly individual hand. The quality of stillness found in much of his work is intended to pay tribute to classical Japanese cinema. Monochromatic renderings executed in graphite reveal a sublime and haunting world, still populated by our recognition of it but nonetheless unfamiliar and in shift. Much of his work appears as an amalgamation of historical styles, trees that look as thought they could be found in a monumental work by Carr rest adjacent to architectural renderings reminiscent of Erickson. As a result Keillor’s work speaks of the past with a foot planted firmly within the contemporary.

    Keillor is from Vancouver Canada. The early passion he acquired for drawing was inspired by his parents Russell and Marial Keillor, both gifted visual artists.

    Figurative and representational subjects are the focus of Charles’s art. Beyond precise draftsmanship and strong composition, capturing character and conveying mood are foremost among Mr. Keillor’s creative concerns. The quality of stillness found in much of his work, and the dedication to a monochromatic graphite medium, can be attributed in part to Charles’s affection for classic Japanese cinema.

    Charles’s resume includes numerous client commissions, along with participation in solo, national, and international group exhibitions.