Clay Davidson

  • Clay Davidson

  • Clay Davidson was born in Jamaica in 1960 and is a Canadian citizen. He has studied, traveled and worked in various parts of Canada making photography his chosen profession. The world of discovery, creativity, and communication came to him early; he chose black and white photography to depict a mood, spirit, and clarity of moment.
    Europe has greatly inspired him; since 1984, people, culture, and nature have all contributed to projects. France and Italy, where he lived and worked, make up a significant number of his images. He has also traveled in the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States.

    In the late nineties, Clay turned to Canada’s west coast rain forest, Quebec and France for inspiration. One of his images with an environmental theme won an international award. In addition, he created other works featuring a study of professional contemporary dancers.

    In the spring of 2001, a successful fifteen-year retrospective of Clay’s work was held in Vancouver. Clay Davidson’s images are available at galleries in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and internationally.