Colleen Meneer

  • Colleen Meneer

  • The strengths in Meneer’s painting are her aggressive brush marks, strong drawing and bold colouring. Meneer has an extensive background in colour painting and is constantly investigating colour theory through her landscape series. Her strong drawing determines her painting style in which she captures the mass and the weight of her subjects rather than being concerned with the outline a contour of them. Her bold, loosely controlled painting marks result in the freshness, which she is always striving for in a painting.

    Because her creative process is based on fresh approaches, she is continually learning and has repeatedly utilized workshop atmospheres to extend this learning process, at the same time as strengthening her work. To Meneer, painting and creativity are an important part of her life.

    The feeling and mood, which the observer receives from Colleen Meneer’s landscape paintings, is important to her. The mood may be seen as one of “quiet strength”, consequently, nature’s “strengths” – the eroding elements like wind, water, and ice – are evident in most of her works.