Dalyn Berryman

  • Dalyn Berryman

  • Dalyn Berryman is a sculptor and mixed media artist living in Vancouver British Columbia.

    Through her sculptures, she strives to share the stunning beauty of our forests and the unique journey of growth and decay that is embodied within each piece of driftwood.

    In BC, it is hard to avoid the evidence of logging as we drive by patchy mountainsides and are passed on the highways by rumbling trucks full of logs, stripped of their branches and roots. These devastating encounters can engender a sense of detachment and resignation, causing a loss of connection to our forests and all the beauty and wisdom they hold.

    Through her work, Dalyn seeks to honor the forest through a meditative creative practice of reconnection to the land. Each sculpture starts with a walk on a wild BC shore in the salt air to select materials. Then she gently cleans each piece of wood to reveal its unique character. As she brings them together in her studio, she gathers inspiration from the relationships between the unique forms and a new piece emerges.

    Dalyn hopes that the graceful curves and bends of driftwood will remind us of the strength and wisdom of British Columbia’s old growth forests and inspire us to protect them.