David Graff

  • David Graff

  • David’s unique process makes for some amazing visual results. Before adding any pigment, Graff starts by gilding a panel with a combination of gold, silver, or bronze. David has had a circuitous, but consistently creative route to his current status as an accomplished visual artist. Born in Edson, Alberta and spending portions of his childhood in the Arctic and southern Alberta, he landed on the west coast in Vancouver in his early twenties.

    At that time, and until 1994, David’s creative energy was channelled into a lengthy career as a singer/songwriter, including a stint as a recording artist in LA in the 1980’s. In the mid-90’s, the urge to expand into the visual arts led him to start his own faux finishing company. Through this, David enjoyed considerable success with his highly sought after work on high-end residential and commercial projects in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and China.

    It was in this arena that he honed his skill with the gilding medium, using metal leaf to create the equivalent of large scale art installations in residential and commercial projects. He began showing his Gilded Series in galleries in 2000, and has experienced a tremendous response to the unique and very original combination of old world craft and contemporary abstract expressionism.

    With his work being shown in collections in the U.S. and Canada, he is receiving an increasingly enthusiastic reception with numerous commissions for private collectors, corporate clients, and a number of television shows and movies. David lives and works in B.C. He and his artist/writer wife, Holly, produce paintings. All their work employs the time - honoured craft of gilding in a thoroughly modern context. Using techniques they have developed over the last six years, they create pieces with singularly striking depth and visual impact.