Douglas Morris

  • Douglas Morris

  • “Daydreaming influenced my desire to create as a kid and still does to this day.”

    Douglas K. Morris was born in 1949 in Bradford, Pennsylvania and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1964, at the age of 15, Morris left Phoenix to hitchhike around the United States. In 1975-76, he studied life drawing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Morris has worked with the well-known portrait artist, Alex Fournier, and shared a studio with New York illustrator, Kenneth Duey. He has also illustrated children’s books.

    “My works are fragments of dreams, memories of the many beaches I’ve visited: Snapshots from the air looking for a place to land. They are abstract to define fantasy, which is a process of travel. Pure colour defines simplicity. Images and shadows carry you to the next dream where shadows define a passage of time. My recent works are about places I’d like to be” said Morris, who has spent time sailing the Bahamas and Caribbean and has lived in England and New York.

    Although most of Morris’ previous work has been realistic, his recent work merges abstraction with realism. “I enjoy abstraction in realism.” He provokes himself to work out all the details to represent reality, solving all light and perspective problems to give his work a dimension beyond mere composition.

    Morris’ work can be found in many private and corporate collections including: National Medical Enterprises, IBM, Bank of America, Reliance National, and Giant Industries of Frankfurt, Germany. Morris has also exhibited at the famous International Book and Print Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.