Elizabeth Scott

  • Elizabeth Scott

  • Elizabeth Scott was born in 1952, and grew up in Closter, New Jersey, and attended Yale before moving to Canada in 1971. She has traveled extensively, and the experience and perspective gained from exploring this planet are always important for her work. In 1980 she and fellow traveler, artist-photographer Hal Lindhagen, joined forces to create original graphic images in their Vancouver studio. They chose the versatile silkscreen medium, a printmaking process which allows for multiples of equal quality. Each piece of the limited edition has up to forty impressions of oil paint hand-screened by the artists onto the paper. Each piece is a multiple original, created in the same time span, like a twin (unlike machine made copies of art, such as posters, where one superior original exists). But the primary value of the medium, in this case, is the effects possible only through the silkscreen, such as the smooth gradations of paint, from light to dark, through a spectrum of color, which distinguishes this art. An attention to simplicity in line and form, and to the rhythms of pattern, are other recognizable elements of their style. Subject matter ranges widely, as do Elizabeth and Hal’s interests, from the High Arctic to coral atolls, and everything in between, from felines and flowers to abstract color plays and surreal paradox.