Elya DeChino

  • Elya DeChino

  • Elya DeChino was born into a very artistic family in 1955 in Tbilisi, Georgia in the former USSR. DeChino’s mother impressed upon him from a young age the importance of the balance of artistic discipline and experimentation. Following the informal education his mother constantly bestowed upon him, DeChino attended the Tbilisi Academy of Art, where he developed a more experimental and abstract style of art.
    Despite his opposition to Communist ideology and the USSR Union of Artists’ strict censorial practices, the Union recognized DeChino’s remarkable talent. He was so well-received that even though he had planned to become a painting professor in a university, he was able to support himself on his art alone.

    After the civil wars of the USSR, DeChino immigrated to the United States where he shows his works, continues to paint and enjoys maintaining an ‘elaborate garden.’ DeChino’s artwork can be found in exhibitions and collections internationally.