Eva Lapka

  • Eva Lapka

  • Eva Lapka has the human figure as the main subject matter of her artwork. Figure comes rarely in a whole, more likely elements of it such as torsos, hands or heads. By doing this, the artist enhances the symbolic idea of each body part, along with its expression and the gesture each one evokes. Theses pieces can convey the simplest gestures, such as a touch, but can as well celebrate life or evoke our fascination for death.

    Eva Lapka is a ceramist of international reputation. She has a degree in sculpture and ceramic design from the School of Arts in Brno, Czechoslovakia. She teaches, since 1991, at the Visual Art Center of Montréal, where she has been the director of the ceramist department for fourteen years. She has exhibited several times in Canada, United States and Europe, and her artworks are part of many collections. In January 2012, she was appointed Member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. One of her works is presented in the latest edition of the book “500 Prints on Clay”, published in March 2013 by Lark Crafts Publishing, North Carolina, United States.