Georgy Korablev

  • Georgy Korablev

  • Georgy Korablev (1986 - 2021) was a Canadian visual artist, born 1986 in St.Petersburg, Russia. He left Russia and settled into Vancouver, Canada, where he stayed for the remainder of his life. Georgy was recognized for the development of the _gPop_ visual aesthetic and the LESD/LRSD light-painting technique employed in image creation processes, whereby a Light-Emitting/Reflective Stationary Display is used as an immovable light source, while the camera in motion is tracing the designed path and simultaneously making an exposure, recording the apparent motion of the light and adding another kind of depth to the image.

    Through avant-garde gPop, the photographic medium received an extension and another level of abstraction with liberal use of colour, addition of forms and elements of painting to the photographic image, novelty in subject choice, the use of photographic instruments to render the invisible visible. The result is visual poetry, striking yet ever so elusive to our eyes conditioned to read reality.

    A student of everybody from Marshall McLuhan to Michel de Montaigne to Socrates and Diotima of Mantinea to Lil Wayne and back, Georgy Korablev was concerned with the message of the medium and explored visual dimensions at their intersections with printed word and recorded sound, condensing the content carrying capacity and specifying the effect of the media on the audience. VISUAL DIMENSIONS, a May 2016 Vancouver show, dubbed as the “Greatest Hits Show”, which happened at the Beaumont Studios with support of Capture Photography Festival, showcased some of the archetypal samples of the _gPop_ works in combination with recorded sound, experimenting with deep visual sound-assisted meditation and its effects on human thought process.

    In 2018 Georgy's work "The Medium" (2014) appeared on FOX Broadcasting Network to 3.5+ million viewers in Season 11 Episode 5 of one of the longest run TV Shows in the history of network television, American series The X-Files starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny.

    Georgy's work has been exhibited and auctioned or sold alongside the work of such accomplished masters as Alex Grey, James C. Leonard, and the late psychedelic prophet, chemist and artist Alexander Shulgin. Georgy was influenced by the visual heritage of, among others, Agnolo Bronzino, Andy Warhol, and Ralph Gibson.