Gillian Lindsay

  • Gillian Lindsay

  • In 1997 I made the transition from executive producer in film to fine art photographer. Since then I have been exploring abstraction, producing work that is more about texture, colour and composition and less about representational subject matter.

    In my LIGHT IMITATING ART series, I explore altered light sources and double exposure, creating images that appear more like charcoal sketches than photographs. I am drawn to surrealism, images borne out of dreams and the creative subconscious. In this exciting experimentation with light, a figure or reference to a slightly definable object may emerge. I am often asked: what am I looking at The answer is simply, light.

    My series of SURFACES has emerged through discovery of art in found objects. Splashes of paint, graffiti or poster remnants create opportunities for compositions, which exist for only a brief moment in time before being painted over or scraped away. I have explored ancient walls in Europe and local industrial sites in search of weathered stone or wood, rusted metal and distressed paint, while finding a fascination in documenting man-made materials’ never-ending attempt to return to nature. I employ closely cropped images to remove any contextual reference, with the objective of creating a painterly, abstract image."