Gordon Scott

  • Gordon Scott

  • Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Gordon Scott Schmaltz is a self-taught visual artist. Early experimentation in a range of mediums – watercolour, ink, charcoal, and photography – has led to his back painted acrylic on glass technique. He feels the use of glass panels, combined with vivid acrylic colours, has finally allowed him to fully express himself and create unique, contemporary, visually pleasing art.

    Gordon’s work has been heavily influenced by the sights experienced during his time living and traveling outside Canada. From the stunning azure Caribbean Sea and its vibrant coral reefs, to the lush green volcanic cones of the Pacific Islands, to the contrasting colors and layers of peeling paint that cling to aged Massachusetts mill buildings. All of these influences and experiences have found their way onto his glass panels.

    His process requires forethought and patience as the process of painting occurs in reverse. Glass can be unforgiving, yet Gordon is drawn to this technique for many reasons. In particular, the added depth and vivid colour, combined with the polished contemporary appearance, makes glass his medium of choice. After spending fifteen years in the Caribbean, now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.