Jack Eggman

  • Jack Eggman

  • Jack Eggman was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and later attended Pima Community College. Living in the Southwest, Eggman developed an early enthusiasm for primitive cultures and their art. Depictions of abstract horses and roughly textured surfaces resembling stone walls attest to the influences of the primitive on Eggman’s imagery and style.

    Although he has experimented with acrylics in the past, Eggman now concentrates on monoprints. “The properties of the monoprint medium are conducive to the type of image I am trying to achieve, and I like the spontaneity of the process.”

    “I will try to interpret modern life by combining primitive icons with contemporary colour combinations and abstract shapes. Colour is the dominant theme of my work. It’s the colour that brings the primitivism into modern times and provides the emotional content.”

    Eggman still resides in Arizona. His work appears in a multitude of collections, including those of Citibank, the IBM Corporation, the Arizona Cancer Center, Valley National Bank, Security Pacific and Xerox.