Jeff Surret

  • Jeff Surret

  • Jeffrey Surret was born in Pennsylvania, in April 1965. By the end of high school, Surret earned a full-tuition scholarship to study illustration and art history at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 1993, Surret traveled to Japan for three months after graduating college. This experience greatly broadened his cultural perspective and deepened his interest in landscape art. Upon his return to the U.S., Jeff started working as a freelance commercial illustrator. He found a niche creating marketing packages for a real estate company, then moved on to specialize in architectural renderings, specifically those involving landscapes. Surret's goal in painting is to create paintings that cause people to stop and explore the subtleties of the image. His "stylistic fingerprint," as he calls it, blends irregular and contrasting shapes with a soft brush technique to achieve a photographic realism. His palette of natural colors and rich, muted tones enhances the soft, surreal quality of the painting. His vistas are elusive and mythical, evoking feelings of solitude and unity with nature. This signature style has become the source of much of Jeff's current artistic acclaim. He continues to exhibit his artwork regularly across the United States.