Joro Petkov

  • Joro Petkov

  • Joro Petkov was born in 1960 in the small Bulgarian town of Tchiprovtzi, a town renowned for its distinguished legacy of many fine artists and unique carpet designs. As an young man of 14, Joro moved to Sophia, the nation’s capital. He attended the prestigious Ilia Petrov School of Fine Art until 1981, then continued his training at the Nicolai Pavloich Academy of Arts. His focus at the Pavlovich Academy was on printmaking, however he studied various techniques until his graduation in 1986.

    In 1987 Joro accepted a position as an art teacher at Petar Parchevich High School in Sophia. He taught until 1991 then resigned to focus on his career as an artist. Joro’s career has flourished since he moved to Canada in 1992. He paints landscapes predominantly but also creates some exciting abstract pieces as well. Not only does Joro have exceptional painting skills, his printing expertise sees service on a variety of etching editions.

    "Painting has always been an essential part of my being. I am fascinated and inspired by the forms and colors of nature. I work from a conventional observation of place but my landscapes are definitely reinvented realities. Both the abstract works and the landscapes explore the drama between the light and dark of the outside world and that within.
    My paintings are created employing a variety of classical techniques. My works on canvas are executed using mainly oil paints while my works on paper rely on a quicker drying acrylic paint. The colors I choose are blended extensively throughout the painting. With each piece being worked through a series of semi-transparent applications, instinct dictates how many applications I apply to each piece. Although my landscapes can be related to real spaces, a marked degree of imagination is required to adapt the image to suit my vision. Color selection and tonal values often play an important part in transferring the image to the canvas.
    My abstract works are fun, they give me the opportunity to interpret the things I see around me as colors and patterns as opposed to strict images. Each work implies a sense of freedom. The colors blend together in a balanced harmony which echoes that found within my landscapes."