June Hunter

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  • June Hunter

  • June’s photographs are usually taken close to home — mostly in and around her own Vancouver garden. For over twenty years she has been recording the details of that space. A garden is both a physical place and a state of mind. Both can be handed down through families, creating a multi-generational legacy. At the same time, a garden is a place of constant change and fleeting moments of beauty. June aims to combine both aspects in her imagery.

    After years of looking closely at the earth and what grows on the ground, June is increasingly fascinated by what is going on above — the drama of the sky and its inhabitants. The sky, the tracery of high branches and her neighbourhood birds have become frequent subjects for her photography.

    In her newer work, June uses multiple layers of images. For example, a botanical subject might be overlaid with textures from her family history — wallpaper, postmarks, snippets of a letter, peeling paint. The way she views the world is constantly being changed by the accumulation of her life experiences— love, loss, regret, triumph, loneliness, joy — each adds another filter. The intricately assembled layers in her imagery reference the richness of this process.

    June was born in the industrial north of England, growing up in an apartment right under Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge. After earning a degree in English Literature, specializing in Anglo Saxon poetry, she moved to Canada. There she hand-built a cabin in BC’s Cariboo country and worked for almost a decade as a tree-planter and camp cook. In the early eighties she moved to Vancouver, earning a diploma in media studies, taking fine art courses and working in graphic design, photography and communications. June is now a full-time working artist.

    Her images are available printed on canvas, photo paper, plexiglass, aluminum, glass, marble, wooden panels and even incorporated into silver and resin jewellery. Her work can be seen regularly at Granville Island Market where she is a juried craftsperson.

    June’s work has appeared in both group and solo shows and is owned by private individuals worldwide and by many local companies and corporations. June has enjoyed press coverage on CBC radio and television, and in Canadian print publications including: House and Home, Style at Home, Wish magazine, Western Living, The Vancouver Sun, Gardening Life and The Georgia Straight.