• Kamy

  • Kamy was born in Shiraz, Iran in October of 1957. He began his formal artistic training through the Metier Guild, and as an apprentice at the Dariush Academy of Shiraz. He further advanced his Master of Fine Art degree at Pahlavy University, famed for its cultural and modern art disciplines as well as its demanding requirements to excel in a wide spectrum of mediums, including acrylics, pastels, oil inlays, print- making and serigraphy.

    Upon arriving in the United States in 1979, Kamy established his atelier at Graphique Du Jour studios, working with several of the most renowned contemporary artists in the Southeastern United States. He quickly developed innovative and original techniques combining ink, acrylic and oil. These resulted in abstract images distinguished by bold, elegant shapes and colors, rich with texture and patterns. In the process, Kamy patented several printing techniques. His style continues to evolve. Most recently, he has perfected his mastery of sculpture and three dimensional art. He has also returned to his first passion, the art of photography, which he has uniquely translated into the medium of embellished giclée. “These new images are very exciting to me,” he explains. “I try to alter the photograph in such a way that the historical image almost seems to melt or deteriorate from within. In a sense, we see the present falling away to reveal a past, hovering in the background. I suppose I am sensitive to such issues of background cultures and history because of my own origins.”

    With technical expertise, creativity and firm experience, Kamy continues to work energetically in his atelier, where he directs new artists in painting and printmaking. He also teaches aspiring artists from Georgia State and the Atlanta College of Art. Over the past decade, Kamy has traveled and exhibited his art in the United States and abroad. His outstanding portfolio of original pieces continues to attract special commissions from around the world.