Kimberly Blackstock

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  • Kimberly Blackstock

  • Kimberly Blackstock is a Canadian artist from the West Coast whose innovative style has gained international recognition among visual art enthusiasts. Born in Vancouver, Blackstock’s childhood was characterized by constant change and new surroundings, ultimately shaping her artistic vision and inspiring her to challenge perceptions while viewing the world from new perspectives. Each piece she creates invites the viewer to examine expectations and invites each on a journey of discovery and delight.

    Blackstock’s unique artistic vision is not only characterized by her experimentation with different perspectives and ways of seeing but also by her unconventional painting style and her passion to push the boundaries of paint application. Rarely using brushes, she applies paint with her hands, rags, leftover palette sheets, spray bottles, and a vast collection of squeeze bottles filled with custom-mixed hues of paint that have become her most used tools in the studio.

    With a background in Design and illustration, Blackstock’s compositions and placements of elements are meticulously thought out yet have a carefree, unrestrictive feeling that is both playful and inviting. The artist’s multi-layered works blend mixed media and unconventional techniques connecting her to broader movements of change within contemporary art. Her vibrant compositions feature playful textures of color that convey a sense of joy and exploration, with 3-dimensional dots, parallel lines that drip off the sides of her panels, and pools of thick paint that rest like collections of puddles in rainbow hues.

    Blackstock is internationally recognized as a representative of Western Canadian art and her ability to instill feelings of joy in her audience through the orchestrated exploration of paint attracts the attention of collectors worldwide.