Linda Gallo

  • Linda Gallo

  • Linda Gallo is a local Interior Designer who moonlights as a photographer during her off time. Relocating from Trail, BC to Victoria, she first obtained a BSc from the University of Victoria before settling in Vancouver to focus her studies on design at BCIT. From there she jumped into the career she currently thrives in.

    Linda’s artistic spirit manifests itself primarily through photography and design. Her Italian heritage ignited her passion for travel, initially through Italy and eventually beyond, influencing her exploration into architecture and the arts.

    Her project “Olafur’s Sphere” is exemplary as a study in photographic documentation. Wandering through Munich, Linda stumbled upon the larger than life spherical sculpture created by the master Ólafur Elíasson, suspended within a quiet and concealed space between buildings. This culminated in a three-part series honouring her artistic predecessor.