Markian Olynyk

  • Markian Olynyk

  • Markian Olynyk was born in 1953 in Toronto, Ontario, before relocating with his family to Victoria, BC at the age of 12. For a number of years after high school, Markian spent his summers working in logging camps throughout British Columbia to support his winter skiing in the mountains near Banff. He did not embark on his artistic career until 1977 when he stumbled upon his friend building a Tiffany lamp – thus, his journey of glass exploration had begun.

    His most famous projects remain his large-scale glass sculptures and installations, yet his paintings, too, are a delight that reflect his experimentation in the second dimension. Completely self-taught, Markian remains curious in his approach to art-making. His constantly evolving techniques are developed in his studio, leading to the unique ways he plays with textures and colours in his glasswork, as well as the silver plating found exclusively in his paintings. His glasswork is celebrated worldwide, with a clientele that includes local and international airports, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, corporate headquarters, as well as the home of Mr. William Gates in Seattle and Mr. Dennis Washington’s many yachts. As he finds himself becoming more inclined towards painting, he continues his experimentation with orthodox media and the unorthodox silver plating he has pioneered to create instantaneous works of art. His use of real silver to plate gives him absolute control of the finished outcome after the initial spontaneity. Markian lives in Vancouver with his business partner and wife Susan.